Volume 4 - 2020 Issue 1

Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review

Editorial: Sustainable corporate governance

Vikash Ramiah ORCID logo


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Role of regulators in intensifying financial access to the untouched segment of society in developing country

Vinay Kandpal ORCID logo


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Corporate governance and business ethics: Evidence from a sample of Algerian corporations

Nour El Houda Yahiaoui ORCID logo, Abdelmadjid Ezzine


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Measuring intellectual capital efficiency: A case of football clubs in the UEFA Champion League

Md. Jahidur Rahman ORCID logo, Siyan Ding


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Governance structure and cost of debt

Abdelkader Derbali ORCID logo, Lamia Jamel ORCID logo, Mohamed Bechir Chenguel ORCID logo, Ali Lamouchi ORCID logo, Ahmed K Elnagar ORCID logo, Monia Ben Ltaifa ORCID logo


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Repressed banking industry: The context of emerging market

Gardachew Worku Fekadu ORCID logo


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