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Grant Samkin, Brennan Allen, David Munday

DOI: 10.22495/cbv6i1art2


The paper has two primary aims. First, to develop an appropriate network analysis to investigate whether any individual directors comprising the social network of New Zealand company directors is sufficiently connected so as to be in a position to exercise any form of cohesion, control or exertion of power. Second whether any directors could be identified as being in a position of power to take advantage of the network? This paper uses social network analysis to map and measure the structural features and patterns of relationships of the directors of companies listed on the New Zealand stock exchange and alternative exchange. The social network analysis was performed using the social network software Pajek™. The techniques used in the study reveal that the vertices (directors) in the network are moderately connected. The findings suggest that there is a small group of directors who are in a position to exercise cohesion, control and power over the network.

Keywords: board of directors, New Zealand, social network

How to cite this paper: Samkin, G., Allen, B., & Munday, D. (2010). The social network of New Zealand directors: An exploratory study. Corporate Board: role, duties and composition, 6(1), 19-38.

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