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Muhammad Nurul Houqe, Tahmin Fatema Islam

DOI: 10.22495/cbv7i1art2


We utilize two basic approaches to measure the quality of earnings which control two different dimensions of earnings management. The research design is structured primary on the basis of calculating two different measures of the quality of earnings on the industry level and on the company level. We calculate earnings quality for New Zealand public firms from the OSIRIS ( database for 2004-2007. This research concludes that various stakeholders should apply more than one measure for the quality of earning in order to have strong evidence about the level of quality before taking any corrective action or making any decision related to that company. If one company is having low quality of earning according to one technique and high quality of earnings according to another, the stakeholders cannot have a final conclusion about that company and they need more investigations and analysis to assess the quality of earnings.

Keywords: Earnings Quality, Accounting Information, Financial Analysts

How to cite this paper: Houqe, M. N., & Islam, T. F. (2011). Measuring earnings quality: Evidence from New Zealand. Corporate Board: role, duties and composition, 7(1), 24-32.

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