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Feedback from the authors: updates

We are glad to update feedback from the authors who published their papers in our journals. You will have an opportunity to know first-hand information about the cooperation of the researchers with our publishing house. This time we received feedback from the following authors:

  • Dr. Ibrahim Elmghaamez, University of Huddersfield, UK: "I am greatly admiring the way that has been followed by the Editor of Corporate Ownership and Control journal for submitting papers to the Journal where as some other journals are making the submission process very complicated. I also appreciate the communications and efforts exerted by the Editor of the Journal in response to the authors in short time. Moreover, the reviewers’ report was very obvious and beneficial and it has a lot of advantages which made my paper worthwhile for publishing in the Corporate Ownership and Control journal."
  • Yudha Aryo Sudibyo, PhD Student in Taxation, College of Management, Hebei University, China: "Corporate ownership and control is a journal which focus on articles quality and the journal provides a quick response from the editor. It is an every authors expectation when the articles reviewed by professional referees and meet the datelines; and they did it. Eventhough they did not use online system for paper submission, but I really appreciate regarding the completeness of reviewing process and reports."
  • Dr. Nam Phung, PhD, School of Finance, University of Economics, Vietnam: "This was the first time that I submitted my paper to Corporate Ownership and Control. The reponse was quickly. The reviewing process was clear and feedbacks were helpful. This helped us to improve the paper’s content."
  • Dr. Jeevarathnam Parthasarathy Govender, Durban University of Technology, South Africa: "I submitted an article for consideration for publication to the Risk Governance and Control journal last year. The journal’s editor handled the process in an efficient and highly professional manner. I received a prompt message confirming receipt of the article and an idea of the turnaround time for review. The review was completed in the promised time. The reviewer comments were constructive and the criticism was fair. The feedback was comprehensive, by way of a detailed review report. The administrative process was very efficient, so that I was able to process the page fees promptly via my university. My overall experience with dealing with Risk Governance and Control journal was a very pleasant one. I have dealt with many journals in my career and would like to compliment the editor and staff for the high standards that they maintain."

To read more feedback from the authors please visit web pages of our journals.

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