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Claudette Rabie, Michael C. Cant, Ricardo Machado



The landscape of marketing has changed considerably over the last decade, with traditional print and broadcast media being expanded and largely replaced by social media platforms. The increasing development of marketing platforms have a large effect on the success and growth of organisations especially within the tourism and hospitality industry, as more travellers are utilising social media as a means of communication and information. The purpose of this research study was therefore to investigate the current use of social media among star-graded accommodation establishments operating in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. A web-based self-administered questionnaire was distributed to star-graded accommodation establishments, who were registered by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA). A total of 361 useable responses were received. The findings mainly revealed that social media are used in accommodation establishments but that they are still learning how to fully and successfully implement social media platforms in their area of business.

Keywords: Social Media; Accommodation Establishment; Marketing; Usage; Promotional Mix Elements; South Africa; Star-Graded Accommodation Establishments

How to cite this paper: Rabie, C., Cant, M.C., Machado, R. (2016). Business growth and social media: An organisational issue. Corporate Ownership & Control, 13(3-2), 402-409.