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Euroasian Perspectives of Banking System Development

Publishing house Virtus Interpress introduces a new book on banking systems development in European and Asian countries titled "Euroasian Perspectives Of The Banking Systems Development".

ISBN 978-966-96872-3-7

Editors: Oleksandr Kostyuk, Michelle Lin, Ghassan Omet

Published: 2011

Number of pages: 167

Cover: paperback

Synopsis: The aim of the book was to improve the level of understanding of the reasons of causes of banking crisis by scientific as well as business communities of the world countries. Deductions and recommendations made in the book will be accepted with great interest by regulators of bank services market. World financial crisis is a great challenge to the community, its ability to consolidate efforts of the representatives of different nations and resist destructive influence of crisis phenomena. International cooperation and knowledge as the result of cooperation are remedies for the crisis. Therefore the world scientific community should be in front of struggle with the crisis as science is the bearer of the community aspiration to new knowledge.

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