Volume 17 - 2020 Issue 4

Corporate Ownership and Control

Editorial: An international outlook of corporate governance research

Raef Gouiaa ORCID logo, Alexander Kostyuk ORCID logo


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New financial regulatory philosophy: A paradigm shift in securities market supervision

Phuong Duong ORCID logo, Jinghui Liu ORCID logo, Ian Eddie ORCID logo


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Independent directors: Exploring the heterogeneous nature of multiple directorships

Jayasinghe Hewa Dulige ORCID logo, Muhammad Jahangir Ali ORCID logo, Paul R. Mather ORCID logo, Suzanne Young ORCID logo


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The sensitivity of GCC firms’ stock returns to exchange rate, interest rate, and oil price volatility

Mariam Alenezi, Ahmad Alqatan ORCID logo, Obby Phiri


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The US university governance: Challenges and opportunities for the board of directors

Jalal Armache ORCID logo, Hussein Ismail ORCID logo, Gladys Daher Armache


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Corporate governance, boards of directors and corporate social responsibility: The Australian context

Kim Backhouse, Mark Wickham ORCID logo


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How deferred revenue changes impact future financial performance

H. Kent Baker ORCID logo, Harit Satt ORCID logo, Fadi Atmounia, Basma El Fadel


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Catering theory and dividend policy: A study of MENA region

Hadfi Bilel ORCID logo, Mondher Kouki


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A configurational approach to the determinants of women on boards

Maria João Guedes ORCID logo, Alice Galamba Monteiro


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The determinants of employee stock ownership: French case

Dalenda Ben Ahmed ORCID logo, Zouhaira Khelil-Rhouma ORCID logo


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Attitudes and actions towards sustainability: A survey of Norwegian SMEs

Arnt Sveen, Ole Kristian Gresaker , Reidar Hæhre , Dag Øivind Madsen ORCID logo, Tonny Stenheim ORCID logo


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Competitive environment and corporate constructs of price and costs in the UAE

Peter Oyelere ORCID logo, Fernando Zanella ORCID logo


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Pension funds and governance: The effect of government sponsorship

Bruno de Medeiros Teixeira ORCID logo, Clea Beatriz Macagnan ORCID logo, Davi Souza Simon ORCID logo, Daniel Francisco Vancin ORCID logo


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The role of board in corporate social responsibility: A normative compliance perspective

Louis Osemeke, Nobert Osemeke ORCID logo, Robert Okere ORCID logo


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Diversity on British boards and personal traits that impact career progression from AIM towards FTSE 100

Cesario Mateus ORCID logo, Irina B. Mateus ORCID logo, Alex Stojanovic ORCID logo


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Top management teams and investment decisions: A study of executive experience and cultural diversity

Jeff Bredthauer ORCID logo, Max Dolinsky ORCID logo, Brad Taylor ORCID logo


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