Volume 16 - 2020 Issue 1

Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition

Editorial: Cross-disciplinary research of board of directors practices

Montserrat Manzaneque ORCID logo


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Corporate governance and performance: An analysis of Italian listed companies

Franco Ernesto Rubino ORCID logo, Giovanni Bronzetti ORCID logo, Graziella Sicoli ORCID logo, Maria Assunta Baldini ORCID logo, Maurizio Rija ORCID logo


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Analyzing the business roundtable statement on the purpose of a corporation and linking it to corporate governance

Hugh Grove ORCID logo, John M. Holcomb, Mac Clouse ORCID logo, Tracy Xu ORCID logo


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When does co-leadership drive innovation? The non-linear effect of co CEOs’ power differences on R&D spending

Felice Matozza ORCID logo, Eugenio D’Amico


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CEO facial masculinity and firm financial outcomes

Jackson Mills, Karen M. Hogan ORCID logo


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Corporate governance reform in Japan: A behavioral view

Daisuke Asaoka ORCID logo


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