Volume 4 - 2020 Issue 1

Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review

Editorial: Researching the relations between governance characteristics and sustainability

Silvia Tommaso ORCID logo


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Sustainable supply chain management practices and their mediation effect on economic returns

Kali Charan Sabat ORCID logo, Bala Krishnamoorthy ORCID logo


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Corporate board and CSR reporting: Before and after analysis of JCGC 2009

Amer Al Fadli ORCID logo


Viewed: 214

The impact of audit committee on real earnings management: Evidence from Netherlands

Sana Masmoudi Mardessi ORCID logo, Yosra Fourati Makni


Viewed: 176

Impact of firm’s specific factors on audit fee of quoted consumer goods firms

Wasiu Ajani Musa ORCID logo, Ramat Titilayo Salman, Ibrahim Olayiwola Amoo , Muhammed Lawal Subair


Viewed: 59

Forecasting and asymmetric volatility modeling of sustainability indexes in India

Chirag Malik ORCID logo, Sonali Yadav ORCID logo


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Non-performing assets in India: A critical analysis of public and private sector banks

Vinay Kandpal ORCID logo


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An operational approach to financial stability: On the beneficial role of regulatory governance

Tarika Singh Sikarwar ORCID logo, Saurav Sharma


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