Volume 7 - 2018 Issue 4

Journal of Governance and Regulation

Editorial: An international outlook of research in governance and regulation

Stefano Dell’Atti ORCID logo


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An analysis of key sectors of economic growth in Greece: A VAR testing approach

Konstantinos Spinthiropoulos , Alexandros Garefalakis ORCID logo, Dimitrios Charamis, Georgios Gerakis , Anastasios Konstantinidis


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The influence of executives’ characteristics on bank performance: The case of emerging market

David P. E. Saerang, Joy Elly Tulung ORCID logo, Imelda W. J. Ogi


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University as new entrepreneurial finance player: A search for the new role

Giovanna Mariani ORCID logo


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The value relevance of alternative performance measures: Evidence from the Oslo Stock Exchange

Tonny Stenheim, Anna Natalia Beckman , Cathrine Olsen Valltoft , Dag Øivind Madsen ORCID logo


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Determinants of business intelligence system acceptance in an emerging country

Kgoramele Joseph Oupa Kgasago, Osden Jokonya


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Digitalization impacts on corporate governance

Hugh Grove, Mac Clouse, Laura Georg Schaffner


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