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Nidhi Pandey

DOI: 10.22495/cbv12i2art4


“You can’t have it all’ was rightly stated by Mrs. Indira Nooyi ,CEO of PepsiCo in an interview at Washington in July 2014.The fairer sex is somewhat responsible for marginal representation on boards apart from the patriarchal society we abode in. The pull factors like societal expectations and self guilt are major factors hindering the women to leave the career ladder in the lurch. Though research studies have proven that inclusion of female directors helps in increasing profits, but the top position is still eluding the women. One of the leading reasons for this grimy scenario is lack of gender sensitivity in the male dominated society which puts forth various queries regarding the bulging gap. Gender Sensitivity in the new millennium is the core of corporate world. With lesser number of women at top of the ladder it put forth various queries. The paper brings forth with the help of a pilot survey the sensitivity of both the genders towards each other in our modern society basically referring to work place and to understand the psychological differences of both the genders on career break and progression post marriage.

Keywords: Corporate Board, Gender Sensitivity, Pull& Push factors

How to cite this paper: Pandey, N. (2016). Women on corporate board – Are we gender sensitive enough? Corporate Board: role, duties and composition, 12(2), 29-34.

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