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A A Tickner, F J Mostert, J H Mostert

DOI: 10.22495/cocv10i4c5art3


While banks are in competition to expand their market share, their credit portfolios may become less diversified without adequate reward for the increased risks. Even well-capitalised banks may come under financial pressure when global economic conditions turn. This research paper focuses on the valuation by banks of the clients’ projects to determine whether and to which extent the banks are going to provide financing for their clients’ projects. The objective of this research evolves around the improvement of financial decision-making by banks when they are valuating the projects of their clients. The objective of this research is achieved by means of a literature study as well as an empirical survey which focuses on the top banks in South Africa. The determining factors which are considered by banks when the projects of clients are valuated, the problem areas experienced by the banks during the valuation process and the adjustments requested by banks are amongst the aspects that are addressed.

Keywords: Adjustments, Banks, Determining Factors, External Projects, Problem Areas, Valuation

How to cite this paper: Tickner, A. A., Mostert, F. J., & Mostert, J. H.(2013). The valuation of external projects by South African banks. Corporate Ownership & Control, 10(4-5), 461-468.

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