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Electra Pitoska

DOI: 10.22495/cocv11i1conf2p2


According to a report by the Director of the Bank of Greece, during the past few months there have been signs that the Greek economy has entered a phase of balance and that it will possibly claw its way back to viability in the next year. It seems that the Greek banking system successfully went through the crisis and now follows a course of a restructuring process. The restructures are vital in order to manage an eventual restoration of normal funding circumstances in the real economy. Despite the careful optimistic reports of the government concerning the economy, the reality of the economic and entrepreunal world is rather different. More particularly, according to the results of researches, seems that the vast majority of the enterprises are in a really bad situation. The situation of most of the Greek enterprises is bad as they face many problems, such as: liquidity, access to bank funding, difficulties and delays in entering state programs or special funding programs, reduction of their turnover and difficulties in collecting overdue debts from their customers.

Keywords: Greece, Banking System, Liquidity, Stress

How to cite this paper: Pitoska, E. (2013). The Greek banking system, the liquidity stress and the entrepreunal insecurity. [Conference issue]. Corporate Ownership & Control, 11(1-2), 107-110.

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