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Themistokles Lazarides, Electra Pitoska

DOI: 10.22495/cocv11i3conf1p5


The European banking system is not isomorphic. The differences can be traced to the differences in their local economy development, legal origin, ownership status, corporate governance system, etc. The 2008 crisis has found the banking system of Europe in a transition status. The adoption of Euro, the establishment of the European Central Bank, the Basil III initiative, the adoption of legal isomorphism as policy in E.U., and finally the crises have been creating a unique environment for the banking system. The paper will address the issue of convergence of the banking system in Europe using a set of data from 27 countries of Europe. The analysis shows that the banks haven’t changed their financial and ownership structure. Some changes in strategy are not adequate to formulate the opinion that the banking sector in Europe is different than the one before it.

Keywords: Banking System, Crisis, Europe

How to cite this paper: Lazarides, T., & Pitoska, E. (2014). The European banking system before and after the crises. [Conference issue]. Corporate Ownership & Control, 11(3-1), 358-368.

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