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Alexandre Pavan Torres, Fernando A. Ribeiro Serra, Manuel Portugal Ferreira, Emílio Araujo Menezes



This article focuses on organizational decline and specifically on the evolution of a selected group of large Brazilian firms. The firms under scrutiny were included in the ranking of the Largest and Best of the Brazilian Exame magazine, in the period comprised between 1974 and 2005. Our descriptive analysis shows two main effects: first, a high rate of decline among the largest Brazilian firms, and second, an acceleration of the rate of decline over the years. That is, the firms are increasingly less capable of maintaining a superior level of competitiveness for an extended time horizon. By studying organizational decline we are better able to understand what firms should do to sustain an advantage.

Keywords: Organizational Decline, Brazil, Strategy

How to cite this paper: Torres, A. P., Ribeiro Serra, F. A., Ferreira, M. P., & Menezes, E. A. (2011). The decline of large Brazilian companies. Corporate Ownership & Control, 8(4-1), 214-224.