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Marita Naudé



The aim and contribution of this paper at a theoretical level is to discuss CAS and the principles thereof as an alternative to traditional management models as an option to enhance SD in an integrated and holistic manner. At a practical level, the author discusses management and leadership suggestions to implement the principles of CAS to enhance SD. A CAS approach is not static and allows for and encourages emergence as a result to the changing internal and external environments. As CAS is a process that allows for constant change and adaptation it could be compatible in the organization’s SD challenge that is also constantly changing and adapting in response to the internal and external environments. Translating an integrated, holistic and CAS approach might require some cognitive, structural and political changes in the thinking about and understanding of how to deal with SD.

Keywords: Sustainable Development, Complex Adaptive Systems

How to cite this paper: Naudé, M. (2012). Sustainable development and complex adaptive systems. Corporate Ownership & Control, 10(1-5), 535-546.