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Safura M. Kallier, Michael C. Cant

DOI: 10.22495/cbv12i3art3


Marketing communication is essential for any business as it informs the consumer about the business and the products and services that it offers. The way in which the retailer decides to communicate with the customer is important as it can influence the consumer to purchase from the retailer. With the rapid increase in new communication mediums, retailers now have much more mediums at their disposal to communicate and interact with their customers. This study thus aimed to determine which mediums of marketing communication media is most influential for the consumer. Convenience sampling was used for this study and a self-administered web-based questionnaire was used to collect the data. The data was collected from available consumers in the Gauteng province of South Africa. The results indicated that consumers regard marketing communication mediums such as television, radio as influential and would react to marketing communication that included discounts and vouchers.

Keywords: Marketing Communications, Retailers, Traditional Media, Social Media, Real-Time Marketing, South Africa

How to cite this paper: Kallier, S. M., & Cant, M. C. (2016). Identifying marketing communication media that are influential to consumers. Corporate Board: role, duties and composition, 12(3), 25-34.

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