Feedback from stakeholders

Virtus Interpress transparency initiative was launched a couple of years ago. In this section, we provide (and continuously update) feedback from our stakeholders: authors and reviewers. To read feedback from reviewers, please scroll the page down.

Feedback from the authors:

  • Dr. Enzo Scannella, Professore Associato di Economia degli
    Intermediari Finanziari, Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche, Aziendali
    e Statistiche (SEAS), Scuola Politecnica, Università degli Studi di
    Palermo, Italy:
    “The communication with the Editor of the journal Risk Goverance and Control was excellent. The Editor response was complete and provided me a full explanation of the entire review process. The reviewing
    process was really fast. The reviewers’ suggestions helped me a lot to
    improve the quality of the paper. The reviewers’ report was available.
    It was well written and organized”.
  • Dr. Asri Marsidi, PhD, Faculty of Economics & Business, Universiti
    Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia:
    “In my point of view, the cooperation that I have received from the Editor of the Journal (Risk Governance and Control) is very good. This has been reflected through a pleasant, smooth as well as fruitful communications from the day my paper is submitted until its
    publication in the Journal. In this respect, the reviewing process of
    the paper is done in a timely manner. For my case, I can get back the
    reviewed paper and its result within the specified time as mentioned
    or informed by the Editor in the notification of the paper submission.
    The reviewers’ report is also made available at the time the result
    with respect to the paper is made. I therefore think that the Journal
    has been effectively and efficiently managed by the Editor and his
    team. Thank you very much for the good experience”.
  • Renitha Rampersad, Associate Professor. Durban University of Technology, South Africa: This serves to confirm that I am very satisfied with the response from the Risk Governance and Control Journal. The Editor has ensured a swift and timely review of my paper. The response received from the reviewer has been very good. The Editor is very accommodating and I will continue to submit papers for review and possible publication to this journal.
  • Dr. Magdi El-Bannany, Ph.D., Associate Professor in Accounting,
    Chairperson, Department of Accounting, College of Business
    Administration, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE:
    “My experience with Risk Governance and Control Journal: Communications with the Editor of the journal – constructive; Responsiveness of the Editor – encouraging; Reviewing process – Clear; Availability of the reviewers’ report - on time”.
  • Dr. Amar Johri, School of Management Studies, Graphic Era University, Dehradun: "I feel happy and really delighted to share my views and feedback on the outstanding process and communication held with your editorial team towards acceptance and publication of my paper. Your team supported and helped in an excellent manner, where ever it was needed and sent me all the possible communication well in time with full details. I received timely and effectively review of my paper and regular communication towards the same. Your editorial team is doing a fantastic job with full loyalty. If I would like to rate your process than I would award 100% marks for overall process. Thank you very much for the outstanding cooperation."
  • Dr. Jeevarathnam Parthasarathy Govender, Durban University of
    Technology, South Africa:
    "I submitted an article for consideration for publication to the Risk Governance and Control journal last year. The journal’s editor handled the process in an efficient and highly professional manner. I received a prompt message confirming receipt of the article and an idea of the turnaround time for review. The review was completed in the promised time. The reviewer comments were constructive and the criticism was fair. The feedback was comprehensive, by way of a detailed review report. The administrative process was very efficient, so that I was able to process the page fees promptly via my university. My overall experience with dealing with Risk Governance and Control journal was a very pleasant one. I have dealt with many journals in my career and would like to compliment the editor and staff for the high standards that they maintain."
  • Dr. Phineas Mbango, University of Johannesburg, South Africa: “My experience with Risk Governance and Control journal has been
    exceptional and communication is very effective. One wish if all
    journals are like yours. You attended to concerns within a very short
    time. Your conduct is highly professional”.
  • Dr. Deepanshu, Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada: “The Journal of Risk Governance and Control is an interesting platform for scholars to showcase their research on areas related to applied macroeconomic ‎and micro risks that shape the political economy of nations. It was a good experience for my paper on "The Macroeconomics of Oil Prices and Economic Shocks" (focusing on the US economy of 1970s) ‎to be selected for the journal. The communication and response to the paper after the submission was prompt and more importantly a soft electronic copy of the journal issue was soon released to the author post the publication by the editorial team. I am keen in presenting more of my research work at conferences organized in collaboration with journal published by Virtus enterprises and continue a longer association with them”.
  • Dr. Kung-Cheng Ho, Assistant Professor, School of Finance, Deputy director, Department of Securities and Futures, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China: "Risk Governance and Control journal is a serious and efficient journal. The reviewers gave us very great comments and suggestions. I hope Risk Governance and Control journal can join SSCI list in the future that can attract more scholars to follow it."
  • Dr. Zeleke Worku, Professor, Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)
    Business School, South Africa:
    I am sending you this letter appreciation in order to express my sincere appreciation on the quality of professional services that you have provided to students and academic staff of Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Business School in Pretoria, South Africa. We wish to thank for taking the time to complete the scientific and editorial review of research manuscripts that were submitted to the following journals on the IBSS list: Corporate Ownership and Control Journal; Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition Journal; Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets and Institutions Journal; Journal of Governance and Regulation. Please keep up the good work that you have done in the past. Mr. Solomon Khale, one of my DTech students at TUT Business School, has benefited significantly from your professional leadership and mentorship in the course of working on the valuable comments and inputs that you have given him. We value and appreciate your scholarly inputs, intellectual leadership, scientific insights and technical suggestions. We will be looking forward to working with you in the year 2016.
  • Dr. S. Senthilnathan, International Training Institute, Papua New Guinea: “First of all, I appreciate your academic oriented effort in publishing a journal that provides academics to explore on their researching. With respect to your journal publication, the ways and methods of communication from your editorial board and other respective personnel are highly commended and appreciated. They were timely with quick sharing of information regarding publication related to reviewers’ feedback, information update, etc.”
  • Abdul Hadi Zulkafli, PhD, School of Management, Universiti Sains
    Malaysia, Malaysia:
    "The composition of the editorial board members of Risk Governance and Control reflects the quality of this journal. The communications with the Editor is very smooth, team members of this journal are very responsive while the reviewing process is very efficient. In overall, the whole process of publishing an article in this journal is well-organized and professionally conducted. Thanks to the dedicated team of Risk Governance and Control. I am looking forward to publish more articles in this journal in the near future."
  • Dr. Giuseppina Iacoviello, University of Pisa, Italy: "The chief editor of Risk Governance and Control journal is prompt in responding to my correspondence, I appreciate it. The reviewing process is quite fast and it has a good quality level of standards. The reviewing request covers the most important issues that a reviewing report should contain: the novelty of the topic chosen by the authors, the quality of the contribution, the quality of the literature review and the quality of the results. I would suggest this prestigious journal to upcoming researchers, as well as established academics."

Feedback from the reviewers:

  • Dr Suman Lodh, Dept. of Accounting and Finance, Middlesex University, the UK: "It gives me immense pleasure to be a reviewer of the Journal. There is always something to learn while reviewing a paper. The learning is enhanced from the selection of submitted papers. I think the editorial task plays an important role here. In this respect, the editorial team is doing a good job in selecting submitted papers that come to reviewers. The objective, theme, and the instructions to review papers are clear to me. The communication to editor and editorial team is collegial. I am happy to be a part of the journal that has potentiality to become one of the top-rated in near future".
  • Taeyong Kim, Associate Director, Morningstar, the USA: "My first review was in January, 2016 and my impression on the whole process from responsiveness of the editorial team to review standard was that the review process was fair, clear and straightforward. Also, It doesn’t take long time to review the paper through the required standard with sustaining the quaility of the submitted papers. For that reason, the submitted authors would be satisfied with the this journal’s review process. I’m very pleased with collaborating the Risk Governance and Control Journal and hope to contine my works for long."
  • Shah Saud, Beijing Institute of Technology, China; MS. Karlstad University, Sweden: "I have the great pleasure to cooperate with the Risk Governance and Control Journal, in my capacity as reviewer of manuscripts submitted for publication. The reviewing process of the journal is very smooth and provide reasonable time frame to the reviewers. The communication with the editor was prompt and I greatly appreciated his cooperation."
  • Dr. Giuseppina Iacoviello, Associate Pofessor, University of Pisa, Italy: "The chief editor of Risk Governance and Control journal is prompt in responding to my correspondence, I appreciate it. The reviewing process is quite fast and it has a good quality level of standards. The reviewing request covers the most important issues that a reviewing report should contain: the novelty of the topic chosen by the authors, the quality of the contribution, the quality of the literature review and the quality of the results. I would suggest this prestigious journal to upcoming researchers, as well as established
  • Dr. Monomita Nandy, Brunel University, UK: "I enjoyed reviewing the research papers for the Risk Governance and Control. The editor was very quick with his response. More time for review helps us to give a quality and detail feedback. Overall the review process is well organized."
  • Dr. Sanjana Brijball Parumasur, Professor, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: "Having been a reviewer to submissions to the Risk Governance and Control Journal I am in a position to provide feedback on my
    experience of the process as a reviewer of manuscripts. Firstly, I must congratulate the Editor of Risk Governance and Control journal and support team for the exemplary support offered to reviewers. Interactions and requests for reviews were professionally and politely requested and any queries were managed expeditiously with no time delays. Reponses were immediate and guidance on any aspect of the review process was prompt and complete. The support staff made the review reports/templates available together with the submission for consideration so there was no need to follow-up for such documentation. The Editor was available and willing to respond to any concerns efficiently and with complete precision. His leadership and management of the journal is professional, exemplary and he has provided immense support and direction. He has regulated the journal
    with complete dedication and has upheld the integrity of the journal
    by advocating the publication of quality outputs. I take the opportunity of thanking the Editor and his support team for their dedication and continued assistance throughout the year."
  • Dr. Ryan Williams, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, USA: "The refereeing process for the journal Risk Governance and Control journal was positive. The turnaround time was relatively quick (so good for the authors). At the same time, there was enough time to allow a careful review of the article. The communication with the editorial team was fast and the dialog was very open and fair. Overall, the process seemed very efficient and fair. "
  • Dr. Venuti, PhD, Roma Tre University, Italy: “I am satisfied with the cooperation with Risk Governance and Control Journal. The review process is detailed and accurate in a way to guarantee good quality results. The review activity is especially focused on: clear presentation, consistency and correctness of the papers, suitability of the methodology adopted, impact of the personal contributions of the Authors compared to the existent literature on specific issues addressed. During the review activity there is also an effective and timely communication process managed by the editor and the staff. This process helps researchers to improve the quality of their papers in accordance with the typical aims of the top-ranks journals”.
  • Dr. Yusuf Mohammed Nulla, The Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE: "My experience as a Reviewer for the Risk Governance and Control journal had been overwhelming and a learning journey for me. I found the review process transparent and prompt. The chief editor’ instructions were clear and had a firm deadline. The review feedback was extensive and in-depth. The nature of articles I had received for review in the past was related to the governance, control, and risk. Overall, I enjoyed reviewing articles and assist authors towards upgrading their article, to meet the standard of the journal."
  • Monomita Nandy, Brunel University London, UK: "I am happy with the journal. The quality of the paper and the turnaround time is very good. Researchers targeting your journal will definitely be benefited by quality and timely feedback. I am not in a position to comment about the availability of reviewers report."
  • Hakan Tunahan, Sakarya Business School, Turkey: "It was my first experience to be in peer-review process of Risk Governance and Control journal. I always believe that this process is the quality assurance system for science. I appreciate the journal team regarding the communication and efficient review process. I would be glad to be a reviewer again for new researches."