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Angela Winnie Kandandu, Edwin Beukes, Olumide Henrie Benedict

DOI: 10.22495/jgr_v4_i4_c1_p2


The aim of the underlying study to this paper is to evaluate the audit committees in the government ministries in Namibia; by assessing their composition, the function and regulations that govern committees. The study used a qualitative approach of inquiry. A purposive sampling method was used as the researcher selected ministries with audit committees. Thematic and content analysis was used in this study. Both primary and secondary and data were used. On primary data, interviews were conducted and recorded with a voice recorder. Secondary data was during the review of existing literature on the subject. The study found that from the 4 government ministries with audit committees, only one ministry consisted of independent members as well as an independent chairperson, while 3 ministries are chaired by members within their organisations. There was clear evidence of lack of accounting / financial /auditing competence among the committee members. This trend is contrary to the best practice which requires that the chairperson of the audit committees be independent of the ministry as well as the members of the audit committee. The finding indicates possibility of lack of capacity to carry out the functions of audit committees; weak internal control systems; chances of conflict of interest and complacency due to the lack of independence. There is avenue for further research as more ministries in Namibia are now establishing their audit committees, especially as the Namibian Code of Corporate Governance (the NamCode) gains more popularity among the public sector.

Keywords: Audit Committee, Internal Control, Non-Executive Director, Ministry, Permanent Secretary

How to cite this paper: Kandandu, A. W., Beukes, E., & Benedict, O. H. (2015). Evaluation of the audit committees of government ministries in Namibia: Their compositions, functions and regulations. Journal of Governance and Regulation, 4(4-1), 147-159.

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