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M. Mahabeer, P. Govender

DOI: 10.22495/cocv10i2c2art3


The study aims to investigate effective employee involvement as a tool for work team effectiveness. The quantitative approach to the study was conducted using a sample of 150 employees in a construction company, in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. The data was conducted using a questionnaire and validity and reliability was assessed using Cronbach’s Coefficient Alpha. Data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Statistical techniques were utilized to test the hypotheses. Either partial acceptance or acceptance of all hypotheses is evident in the study. The results were compared and contrasted with that of other researchers. The research indicates that the sub-dimensions of employee involvement significantly impact on the sub-dimensions of work team effectiveness in varying degrees, and employee involvement is an imperative tool for work team effectiveness.

Keywords: Employee Involvement, Team Effectiveness, Organizational Productivity, Team Effectiveness, Employee Contribution

How to cite this paper: Mahabeer, M., & Govender, P. (2013). Employee involvement: A tool for work team effectiveness. Corporate Ownership & Control, 10(2-2), 241-252.

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