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Bakae Aubrey Mokoena, Chengedzai Mafini



This paper re-examines the long-standing and unresolved debate regarding the use of performance indicators in higher education. This paper aims to identify the primary variables that comprise university performance from the perspectives of academics within universities of technology in South Africa. A structured questionnaire was administered to a conveniently selected sample of 507 academics recruited from five universities of technology in South Africa. Using the exploratory factor analysis technique, five indicators were used as sub-dimensions to measure university performance were identified. These were 1) recognition, 2) image, 3) collaboration, 4) spin-off, 5) employability and 6) research. Overall, the research results suggests that these five performance indicators can assist South Africa’s universities of technology to achieve a higher level of institutional performance. The boards responsible for running universities of technology should consider which strategic management approaches they are currently utilising and streamline them to cement their competitive advantage and superior performance.

Keywords: Higher Education Institution, Universities of Technology, Academics, University Performance

How to cite this paper: Mokoena, B. A., & Mafini, C. (2016). Corporate performance indicators: The case of universities. Corporate Board: role, duties and composition, 12(3), 43-50.