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The root causes of reworks generally continue to be overlooked, despite the fact that reworks regularly cause corporate budgets to be exceeded by more than 12.4 %. Reworks is a recurring problem which companies are gradually losing control of and as a result contributes to time and cost overruns, thereby bringing adverse effects on project performance. To improve corporate performance and control it is, therefore, necessary to identify the root causes of reworks in construction projects. This article explores the root causes of reworks on construction projects with reference to South Africa. The desktop methodological approach was adopted based on scholarly articles to ascertain root causes of reworks. Following a conceptual analysis on corporates, thirty-five causes of reworks were, identified and categorized into five main categories namely client-related, design-related, site management-related, subcontractor-related and transporter-related. Client-related category had the most factors causing reworks. From this category, wrong communication was the factor identified to cause most of the reworks. Finding suggests the need for further empirical study. This finding contributes to the body of knowledge by identifying the root causes of reworks. This can eventually improve corporate control and performance by providing practitioners with an in-depth understanding of reworks.

Keywords: Projects, Causes Reworks, Corporate Control, Construction

Received: 29.05.2017

Accepted: 21.08.2017

How to cite this paper: Maseko, C. M. (2017). Corporate control: The root causes of reworks in the construction of projects. Corporate Ownership & Control, 15(1-1), 213-223.

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