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Udo Braendle, Yaroslav Mozghovyi ORCID logo, Kateryna Huryna


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This paper aims at providing a theoretical analysis of the existing research on corporate competition and sustainability risks that occur when companies aspire to reach maximum competitive advantages and gain competitive benefits compared to their rivals. Competitiveness has been described as a multidimensional, theoretical and relative concept linked with the market mechanism. The concept of competitiveness may refer to different levels of aggregation: national, regional, industrial and individual companies. This paper contributes to the theoretical research on corporate competitiveness by the analysis of old and new definitions of this category. It also notes that the sustainability risks connected to competition can be divided into several groups where the authors highlight environmental, legal, financial risks, behaviour risks and state-related risks as the most crucial ones. For companies to be fit for the competitive challenge, the paper identifies main characteristics of such risks and gives policy guidance for their avoidance.

Keywords: Sustainability, Competitiveness, Risk Management

Received: 19.10.2017

Accepted: 22.12.2017

How to cite this paper: Braendle, U., Mozghovyi, Ya., & Huryna, K. (2017). Corporate competitiveness and sustainability risks. Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets & Institutions, 7(4-2), 225-233.