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Trish Bradbury, Ian O’Boyle

DOI: 10.22495/cocv12i4c3p3


The study examined the independent board structure adopted by New Zealand Cricket (NZC) and issues of board process including board roles, calibre and structure. Data collection consisted of in-depth semi-structured interviews of NZC senior management/board members, supplemented by archival document review and analysis. The findings, although not generalisable across the whole non-profit sport sector, supported the literature on the roles and calibre of board members in an independent board structure. Due to increasingly professional operations and growth of commercialisation in sport, expertise in commercial aspects was noted as required. Given the majority of non-profit sport organisations’ federated structure, collaborative governance theory appears to be an area of future research when evolving from a delegate to independent or hybrid governance model.

Keywords: Sport Governance, Non-profit Sport Organisations, Board Calibre, Roles and Structures

How to cite this paper: Bradbury, T., & O’Boyle, I. (2015). Batting above average: Governance at New Zealand cricket. Corporate Ownership & Control, 12(4-3), 352-363.

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