Volume 17 - 2020 Issue 4 (Special issue)

Corporate Ownership and Control

Editorial: An international context of corporate governance research

Mac Clouse ORCID logo, Alexander Kostyuk ORCID logo


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Gender-diverse boards get better performance on mergers and acquisitions

Nivo Ravaonorohanta


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European deposit insurance scheme and bank board composition

Francesca Arnaboldi ORCID logo, Vincenzo Capizzi ORCID logo


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Gender diversity and financial performance of the stock exchange listed companies

Yasmina Jaber ORCID logo


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Techniques and adjustments in valuing privately-held enterprises in Thailand

Kanitsorn Terdpaopong ORCID logo, Robert C. Rickards ORCID logo, Mariya Yesseleva-Pionka ORCID logo


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Which characteristics determine the quality of corporate governance reporting? Concepts, reporting practices and empirical evidence from Germany

Willi Ceschinski ORCID logo, Carl-Christian Freidank, Franziska Handschumacher ORCID logo


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The impact of corporate governance mechanisms on risk disclosure

Aws AlHares ORCID logo, Osama Al-Hares ORCID logo


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International ownership and firm performance in Arab economies

Stefan Lutz, Karim Hegazy ORCID logo, Ehab K. A. Mohamed ORCID logo, Mohamed A. K. Basuony


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The joint effect of board independence and CSR committee on CSR disclosure: Evidence from Italian listed companies

Alfredo Celentano ORCID logo, Luigi Lepore ORCID logo, Sabrina Pisano ORCID logo, Gabriella D’Amore ORCID logo, Federico Alvino ORCID logo


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Gender diversity and governance: Analysis of Italian listed companies

Graziella Sicoli ORCID logo, Giovanni Bronzetti ORCID logo, Dominga Ippolito, Giada Leonetti


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Political institutions and investor protection

Gabriel Geller, Maria João Guedes ORCID logo


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Self-assessment and peer assessment in accounting education: Students and lecturers perceptions

Anil Babu, Yasser Barghathi ORCID logo


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Complexity to downplay complexity: Implications of ERM logics for the Italian NHS

Raffaela Casciello ORCID logo, Fiorenza Meucci ORCID logo


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Board of directors, capital structure, investment decisions and firm-performance: An empirical study of Nordic firms

Shab Hundal ORCID logo, Anne Eskola ORCID logo


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Voluntary disclosure and free cash flow in family French firms

Meriem Jouirou ORCID logo, Faten Lakhal ORCID logo


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Strategic investment decisions and ownership structure: An exploratory study in Egypt

Moataz Elmassri ORCID logo, Mahmoud Abdelrahman ORCID logo


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