Volume 14 - 2018 Issue 1

Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition

Editorial Note / Date of the complete issue release: April 17, 2018

Stefan Prigge ORCID logo, Dmytro Govorun ORCID logo


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The effect of national cultural differences of board members on integrated reporting

Simona Alfiero ORCID logo, Massimo Cane ORCID logo, Ruggiero Doronzo, Alfredo Esposito ORCID logo


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Implementing the board of directors’ mechanism – An empirical study of the listed firms in Libya

Jill Atkins ORCID logo, Mohamed Abulgasem Zakari, Ismail Elshahoubi ORCID logo


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The communication of corporate social responsibility practices through social media channels

Silvia Testarmata ORCID logo, Fabio Fortuna ORCID logo, Mirella Ciaburri ORCID logo


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Corporate governance, ownership and control: A review of recent scholarly research

Alexander Kostyuk ORCID logo, Yaroslav Mozghovyi ORCID logo, Dmytro Govorun ORCID logo


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Book review: “Corporate governance: New challenges and opportunities”

Áron Perényi ORCID logo, Alessio M. Pacces ORCID logo, Laurent Germain ORCID logo


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